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This "List" is dedicated to the "Words & Music" Of the Brothers Gibb, better known as, "The Bee Gees." The band: Barry, Robin, and Maurice with their younger brother Andy. "Words & Music" is the premiere worldwide Internet forum dedicated to these talented artists who are all brothers. The Bee Gees have performed, composed, and produced music that has touched over five generations of listeners all around the world. The band's listeners have been graced with a musical style that can be defined by one simple word; "magic." Combined with a strong sense of perfection and family ties has allowed the Bee Gees to progress personally and harmoniously to being one of the most influential and successful artists for over a half century. (Source: Google-It! Started in 1958)

Record sales alone easily define the Bee Gees impact on their audiences and the music industry - nearing two hundred twenty million sales worldwide. However, it is when one listens to their compositions that includes the titles: Too Much Heaven, To Love Somebody, Words, Stayin' Alive, Alone, and Still Waters - that one discovers the exact testament to the accomplishments of the Brothers Gibb.

The basic goal of this site, "Words and Music," is for the group's fans to provide them with a place to discuss related topics, share experiences, sell or trade merchandise, and above all become a member of people with similar interests for these exceptional performers.

This website along with its mail-list has been a special meeting place for fans worldwide for nearly 20 years. Please join us in keeping up with all the latest Bee Gees news.

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